6 benefits of Air Guns Over Traditional Firearms

Is there really a place for air guns compared to powerful Firearms? Are Air Guns only suitable for shooting tin cans or putting holes in paper targets?

We believe that there is a place for modern air rifles. Air gun pellets are less expensive to purchase compared to firearm bullets. A good air rifle is more accurate than a comparable firearm. Many modern are powerful and accurate, very suitable for the hunting of small game such as squirrels rabbits and birds.

There are many websites that review all types of air rifles and air pistols. Reading some professional air rifle reviews would be a good way to find what gun would best suit you before spending any money.


Here are a few benefits of air rifles versus firearms:

  1. The ammunition will not deteriorate over time, as air rifle ammunition is simply a pellet; there are no primers powders or cases to worry about.
  2. It is easier to own an air gun, as most states in the USA don’t classify air guns as firearms.
  3. A good quality air gun is actually more accurate than a firearm up to the distance of around 50 yards.
  4. Can be purchased at a very affordable price and even more importantly the pellets are exceptionally cheap. The more you practice the better aim you will be with an air rifle. You do not have to hold back just keep practicing.
  5. Most pellets lose velocity after about 50 yards which makes for safer for shooting.
  6. Air rifles are comparatively quiet. Making them less likely to annoy the neighbors and when you’re hunting it is less likely to scare off other game.

Types Of Air Gun Systems

  • Air pump system: Some rifles require over five pumps to achieve sufficient pressure in the reservoir.
  • Air tank system: a high-pressure prefilled air cartridge pushes the pallet out of the barrel. The benefit of this system is that it allows semiautomatic firing.
  • Spring & piston: the barrel is broken or cocked compressing a spring when the trigger is activated the release spring forces a piston for which compresses air that forces the pallet out of the barrel.

Comparing Different Pellet Calibers

.177 caliber – is a very fast caliber with maximum velocity of over 1250 Feet Per Second (FPS) This caliber would easily be the most popular and is suitable for hunting small game competition shooting, plinking and target practice.

.20 calibers – This medium weight caliber has a lower velocity than the .177 caliber. It may be seen as a compromise between the 2 other calibers but the reality is that it is not very popular in the USA. The range of guns and pellets is limited in this bore and can more expensive.

.22 caliber The largest commonly used caliber. These heavy pellets have a lower velocity than the smaller .177 caliber. Their velocity is between 650 FPS to 1250 FPS they do have a harder impact due to the mass of the pellet.

So What’s The Best Caliber To Use When Hunting?

The answer of course is it depends on the game that you will be hunting. The .177 caliber is fine for birds, squirrels and rabbits. For hunting larger animals, the heavier pellets provided by the 22 caliber bore is recommended. Ensure that the velocity is above 650 FPS.

How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

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